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Below are some sites worth surfing. I grouped the links into these topics:

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Re: Miscellaneous Reference Materials

Because many questions can be answered, and there's always more to know...

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Re: Organizations of Interest in the Twin Cities

Because learning and networking never stop...

  • ATD: Association for Talent Development
  • DLF: Digital Learning Forum
  • MNISPI: MN chapter, International Society for Performance Improvement
  • PACT: Professional Association of Computer Trainers
  • PEN: Professional Editors Network
  • STC: Society for Technical Communication

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Re: Saving Lives

Because YOU can be a hero...

  • CPR - Twin Cities: This excellent instructor can bring CPR, AED and first-aid classes to your office or home in the Twin Cities area.
  • Memorial Blood Centers: Donate blood in the Minnesota region
  • American Red Cross: Donate blood throughout the U.S. Or donate money to support disaster relief.

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Re: Usability

Because "users" are actually people...

  • Don Norman/jnd.org: When I first read Norman's book, "The Design of Everyday Things," it changed the way I look at everything. This premiere usability guru is still analyzing why things work well—or work like hell.

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