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Why People Prefer the One with the Feather in Her Cap

Recently, I did a very un-Minnesotan thing: I directly asked people to say something nice about me. Below are comments from a few of my clients. (I'm already blushing. It'd be much too embarrassing to include any more.)

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"Judy is a thorough professional who always offers more than the minimum... Judy is more than a writer with a weird hat; she's a true business partner."

— Don C. —
Technical Project Manager for a multimedia company

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"Judy's writing is wonderful: clear, concise, and interesting. In addition, she is very self-directed and can take a course and run with it, following our guidelines without a lot of hand-holding. That is a great help when you need a freelancer to relieve your work load!"

— Louise D. —
Senior Instructional Designer for a multimedia company

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"Like Rumplestiltskin, Judy spins straw into gold. From tortuously-written, obtuse, confusing, disorganized textual obfuscation, she produces crisp, clear, concise communication. Unlike Rumplestiltskin, she won't make you guess her name."

— Corrie B. —
Learning Systems Architect for an educational software company

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"Judy is an outstanding writer in a variety of media. She works very efficiently and shows excellent attention to detail. I would gladly recommend her to any client for any type of project."

— Marsha D —
independent Training Consultant

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"Judy wrote a series of storyboards helping us implement a very complicated e-learning curriculum. She was not only able to learn the required content quickly, she was able to provide improvements to the course work, increasing learner retention. Very talented and fun to work with, I recommend her and will definitely use her services in the future."

— T.M. —
Curricula Manager for a prominent medical-device company

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"Judy is one of the few writers I know who really gets how to write for the web and interactive. She magically turns verbose and unclear content into clear and concise communication. "

— Lynn F. —
independent Interactive Designer

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"Judy came through in a pinch for me on an incredibly large and big-dollar project. She has a real gift for stepping in and being able to produce clear, concise, and professional multi-media scripts. She is always my first choice."

— Sherrill B. —
Instructional Designer for a multimedia company

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"I have worked with Judy on several different projects over the years—for my own business and in concert with my corporate clients. Don't hire her unless you want an incisive mind, playful spirit, and committed professional on your team... She will bring a rigor, attention to detail, expansive ideation, and on-time performance to anything you place in front of her. I'd hire her again in a New York minute or a Minnesota moment!"

— Bev L. —
independent Organizational Consultant & Life Coach

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"We needed a writer to help us on a project with a Fortune 150 customer. We found Judy to be just what we needed. Judy quickly and efficiently worked through volumes of procedure manuals to repackage the material for an interactive online reference system. Through Judy's efforts, we were able to deliver our product on time and on budget to this very important customer. In addition, Judy was always a pleasure to work with. I heartily recommend her for any writing task that requires clarity, precision, and punch."

— Dan R. —
Project Manager for a multimedia company

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"We worked with scientists, historians, doctors and publishers. Our clients quickly found that Judy's wide-ranging intellect allowed her to understand their field of study at a far deeper level than they had expected. The icing on the cake came when they realized Judy was way more organized than they were—and a much better writer!"

— George G. —
Manager for a multimedia company

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