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Parody Song Lyrics

Minnesota had its snowiest February ever in 2019. I wrote these parody lyrics to relieve cabin fever. They can be sung to Paul Simon's "Homeward Bound."

Snow-Day Bound

I’m sitting home for the duration.
No way to drive to my destination.
Looking at my driveway now,
My only thought is “Holy cow!”
And every breath I take, I vow
To buy a blower or hire a plow.

Snow-day bound.
I wish I weren’t snow-day bound.
Snow. So many flakes are falling.
Snow. I know the traffic’s crawling.
Snow. And my snowsuit’s calling silently for me…

Every day’s a record freeze,
With snowbanks way above my knees.
And each gust feels the same to me,
With windchill that I cannot flee.
And every frozen face I see
Reminds me that it’s best to be

Snow-day bound.
It’s safe to stay snow-day bound.
Snow. I just keep retreating.
Snow. This is so defeating.
Snow. And I see it’s sleeting silently on me…

Tonight the storm comes back again,
I’ll shovel walks as best I can.
But all this snow just makes me pout
Will spring come? Well, there is some doubt.
For now I cannot help but shout,
“I need someone to dig me out.”

Snow-day bound.
I still am here, snow-day bound.
Snow. Oh, the wind is grating.
Snow. Winter I am hating.
Snow. But my cocoa’s waiting silently for me.
Silently for me…

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